Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Yankee Candles - Love!


How I love them.. can't describe.. how muchh... love.. lovee..
The smell is amaaazziinnggg! I just LOVE it!

I've tried so many scented candles but yankee beats them all..
They have so many different amazing scents and thats what I love.
theres no scent/canldle that I didnt liked.

These are some samples I just bought:

every great product has a down side..
            It's kind of pricey..

but it's okay.. :)

My Favories?
all of them! :)

I buy my candles at Clintons & Collectables
*Clintons are having a 25% off on all yankee candles! 


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Glossybox: May 2012 - My Thoughts


didnt like it, didnt love it, im dissapointed.

I read some comments about this box and people were also complaining.
Okay so the box itself, the presentation with the balloon and the double sided mirror as the 'Birthday gift' was good.

but then again, the products.. I was expecting more on this box because its their birthday/anniv box.
and people were complaining about..
'My first box and it was pretty disppointing to be honest'
' Guys, you're not giving people value for money here.'
'Nothing luxury about it, rather disappointing!'
'Yellow eye liner! Bleughhh'
'Yet again my profile was ignored'
'trashy not glamorous and luxurious. Unsubscribing.'
'The Perfume was a joke, it was half full..'
'I cancelled my subscribition.'
and the list go on and on and on and on..............

 I really wanted to love this box.. im trying but no.
everybody was dissapointed and unsubscribing and I can see the reasons why.

May Glossybox

Anniversary box

Noble Isle

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel
An immaculate fragrance evoking the beginnings of summer (smells like a baby cologne to me). Noble Isle is a new British bath & body brand inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles.

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum

Si Lolita Eau de Parfum
Discover Lolita Lempicka's feminine world where Parisian chic meets fantasy fairy tale to create the perfect fragrace.
(These perfume samples were barely half full which were one of the complaints for this box.)

Apivita Express Beauty Masks
The Apivita express beauty masks exclude synthetic ingredients and replaces water with green tea (ooh! I love green tea!) infusion to enhance the antioxidant action.

OSMO Ber ber Oil Hair Treatment
(In this box, this is the only thing im excited to use. Im a sucker for hair products!) 
A luxurious revolutionary treatment for all hair types, providing transformational results.(we'll see.
It also has Argan Oil that is popular for hair treatments and hair products.) (EDIT 19june12: This is the only thing I liked out of this box.)

Ardola Lashes

Ardola Lashes - H141

Ardola False Eyelashes
Ardola is about beautiful, quality, and value prices lashes for any occasion.
(I dont really weat lashes but I would love to try one, but this particular lashes is a no no. Its too dramatic for me. It would have been better if I was given a more natural ones. Its cheap compared to other lashes £3.90 buttt it is also cheap looking hand has a cheap feeling to it. I read that some people even got diamonds on the lashes glad didnt got that one.)

cute balloon

Happy 1st Glossybox

Gift from Glossybox

double-sided mirror

youll see why I didnt like this if I took the balloon and the mirror off.

I didnt like this box but im still going to hope that they will make up for it next month. and if not. I too might unsubscribe.

but still.. I love Glossybox. (but not this box) lol


Monday, 14 May 2012

Maybelline Forever Strong Nailpolish - My Thoughts

I've been looking for a great taupe nail colour. I was originally gonna buy Barry M's - Mushroom  and thought since I dont have any nailpolish with Maybelline yet; no harm trying this one..

   Maybellines Forever Strong Nailpolish - 788 Rosy Sand
   It has Calcium, Iron and Silica and claims to last up to 7 days.

777 Rosy Sand

Maybelline Nailpolish

After 7 days of wearing the polish.. 

Overall Rating - ♥ 
 *love the colour, texture, brush applicator, very smooth and the lasting power is quite good actually! you do need to put on two coats of this. 
 BUT!!!!!!!! this nailpolish stained my nails! As I said, this is my first time trying out Maybellines Nailpolish. My Barry Ms doesnt stain my nails and this is the first time. and I dont like it. :(

  *still wanting to look and try other taupe nailpolishes. any suggestions? :)


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Nails #1

First post for my Sunday Nails.
* every Sunday I change my nail colour and basically i'll be sharing it to you guys!
* I'll list everything on what I used and give information etc.

Maybellines Forever Strong Pro Nailpolish - 778 Rosy Sand

This is my first Maybelline Nailpolish and will be doing a full review and my thoughts on this next week!

Maybellines Nailpolish in Rosy Sand
and Barry Ms Basecoat and Topcoat in Clear

without Topcoat and Flash

without Topcoat with Flash

with Topcoat and Flash

with Topcoat without Flash
*please excuse my ugly fingers :)