Friday, 4 May 2012

Foam Bun Maker Hair Styling Tool - My thoughts

Who's too lazy to even do a lazy bun?

so i've heard a lot of good things about this product..
saw some tutorials on Youtube of how easy it was to use and all..

again, I bought it on ebay for $1.02
cheap.. yes, but is it worth it? no.

Its supposed to help you make a bun in seconds.
I was so excited to try this thing out.. (it took forever!)
It is basically a foam with a flat, metal thing inside.
and sadly it didn't do anything for my hair..

gonna make it short..


 Easy to use.
 Good if you have medium length hair.


 If you have a very thick, short/very long hair like I do, buying this is not a good idea.
though if you still wanna try it out, goooo for it!

maybe if it was longer it would have probably work for me..
 heres a link where I bought it if you wanna try it out :) -