Saturday, 5 May 2012

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo - My thoughts

I mainly bought this because I was looking for a good gold colour for my inner eye corner
whenever i'm doing a simple makeup just to give it a little 'pop'.

I don't really have high expectations for this but I knew everyone had been raving about it and
loving it becase of how pigmented it was and stays on all day.

and I agree. I did a swatch of this on my hands and didnt came off till the day after.
I love the colour too!

after using it for my inner corners, personally, I didnt like it. Its probably
better off being an eyeshadow. why I didn't like it?

  It was too shimmery and too strong to be used for inner corners.
  had smooth it out and get rid of the big chunks.
  and it didn't compliment my skin colour.

pictures and swatches:

24hr Color Tattoo - 05 Eternal gold

No Flash

w/ flash

No Flash

w/ Flash

No Flash

w/ Flash
w/ Flash

No Flash

Great eyeshadow though!