Saturday, 12 September 2015

Blog #9: How I met my boyfriend

I met my present boyfriend Summer2013 in a feast down in London. It was sooo cute cuz waaayy long before, when he didn't know me and I didn't know him, (I only see him in my friends fb, no im not a stalker-I promise :P) I liked looking at his pictures and thinking...
"nah, never gonna meet, never gonna happen".
and theen.. and THENNN!...

Summer time, it was so hot on that big-o field in London, I was with my friends laughing, having a good time, so many cute guys and girls, singles mingle and couples so cute.. while being so excited on which ride to go on next, there he was, skinny jeans, white tee and a matching sunglass, my friend introduced him to me thinking "who the hell"..
 I was honestly wasn't on that fiesta to flirt or strut my stuff like most other.
(while I was too busy looking at the people having fun on that power surge and terminator)
He said hi, I said hi, we shook hands.. not much really.

Nearly end of the day, I thought of him thinking
"who was it again?.. ohh.. I should've introduced myself more"
and then.. and theNN....
the next day I was on the bus going back home (I did live quite far from London)..... while the guys started sending msgs on facebook, messaged me last thinking:
"oooooh you nasty playing hard to get sending me message after everyone did ha!) that's how it is, after the party, the ones that 'liked' you will make a move.. somehow.. muahahaha!
.. im bad with playing hard to get but when I fall.. I fall hard, quite bad
Im truly one of the crazy-clingy-emotional-hug lover-type of girlfriend and I fall easily with someone that confesses- cute or not.
I've known him for 2 years and most of the things I like in a guy, he has.
A Joker
Happy go lucky
and most of all HE FEEDS ME WHATEVER I WANT  <3

He courted me for 3 months and finally said, fine. haha I meant yes (he might read this haha).
Hes never strict with me, makes me laugh and sends me roses, I remember him sending me flowers at a place where I used to work "oh my gaaaaad!"
and he sent me 21 white roses with a small cake written happy birthday on my 21st It was so sweet I think I shed a little tear then. Of course my dad then didn't agree and wasn't happy with anybody I had relationship with, I was a hopeless romantic and always failed with relationship, they would always hear me cry in my bedroom and having a fight over the phone with most of my exes which was probably the reason why he was like that and I do understand him. But with him, I was so confident, every so often I ring my parents how they're doing etc. Every time I would tell them something sweet that he did for me that day, yesterday or last week. I'd always give them hints that he does make me happy and never argue with me. I guess it worked and overtime, my father didn't comment whenever I talked about him like he did the first time I mentioned him,there was a few bad words came out, told him names and commented in one of our photos together in fb that he was ugly which his friends read and til now hes still teased by his friends which I do find funny.
  Anyways.. we'll have our 2nd anniversary very soon and we'll celebrate it with my 23rd Birthday and i look forward for being 1 year older.. not really haha.. 

THE Feelings..
You should know everyone is not perfect and will never be, as they always say, when you look in the eyes of someone you love, the imperfection that everyone else sees is what makes him/her perfect. Whenever I look at him, without him doing anything, I would just smile, I feel happy when he's next to me, my day feels so much better whenever I hear his voice over the phone complaining how bad my day was. 

Buuuut of course, its not always like this, we have our fare share when it comes to arguing specially over little things and what not. I wouldn't call it a fight but most of the times that we 'fought' was over something so little, the other day we were in friends house, upon waking up, he saw his phone next to me, he was immediately got up and got annoyed why do I have it and It wasn't charged, his friend came in asking us to eat breakfast and left me there.  

(Here's what happened: I have this so called body alarm where I wake up 7am sharp everyday,
I woke up still sleepy so I looked around for a clock, there wasn't any and my phone was dead, saw his phone connected to ps4 but the power was off so his phone didn't charge throughout that night so I just took it charged my phone using my charger and put his phone next to me to keep eye on the time. ofcourse my phone was more important) 

I know he didn't mean it but he slightly pushed me when he was trying to get up of course I got annoyed too, I just woke up and I was being blamed on something stupid and he was really angry!
anyways, my point is, as a couple like any other small things like this can be fixed but some people make these small things big and that's how some relationships get affected. These are normal, we would always have these 'small fights' but we don't let it get big, we give space and say sorry later.
We went in numerous trips with friends too - Isle of wight, Cornwall, Wales etc. We'd like to travel together in the future. For some reason, I don't attracted to anyone anymore even if he's the cutest one the room, I think of him and then boom! its like I was being pulled back to him by my heart and mind. haha. In the end, I really do hope he's the one. :)
So.. that was my long story im going to stop now. Haha.