Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi guys! So my boyfriend and I went out for lunch and saw Superdrugs having a saaale!
Its been quite a long time since I wanted to try Dove's Pure Care range, Im a little picky when it comes to my hair but I did heard good things about it so lets start! 

I like how sleek the packaging is but the cap feels fragile like most drugstore shampoos.

Some people may not like the smell but I do! It's the smell that I want my hair to have forevaa.
You'll definitely smell the Macadamia Oil and maybe some other in the shampoo.
Conditioner however is the same but stronger smell, strong as a perfume almost. I like it!

  Another thing I like about this is its not greasy at all as it claims, you know those other shampoo 'slime' that lingers on your back whilst rinsing your hair? nope nope nope! I'm so glad this doesn't!
My scalp is a bit sensitive too, that's why im picky with shampoos most of the time, they break me out and gives me dandruff!!! x( and this doesn't! so another plus+ ! My hair did felt softer and fluffier the next day!
so in conclusion, I am loving this product at the moment and will continue to use this til I find something better :)

Price wise, It was on sale for half price so I got for £2.97 each woohoo! <3 


Thanks Guys, Hugs!~
**click pics to enlarge.