Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sunday Nails #6: Pink Rhinestone Tip

Pink Tips with Rhinestones

I saw this when I was watching one of my fav Drama atm (Gentlemans Dignity)
It was so pretty on her and I wanted to try to recreate it. 
While doing this, I thought, why not share it with you.
Keep in mind that this is my first time doing this and it may not be perfect.

Here's what I used:

  • Revlon Base Coat
  • Revlon Top Coat
  • Barry M ~ Strawberry 309
  • Barry M ~ Glitter - this is a limited edition, you can use any nailpolish with glitters; white or pink will work :)
  • Rhinestones: I bought these from Ebay. you can find them easily. :)

I recommed you to lay the rhinestones out upwards as so ↑ before starting to paint. 
it'll be so much easier to do this.

with Revlon's Base Coat.

1st coat of the pink polish on the tips of your nails.
this step doesnt have to be perfect. Stroke the brush downwards from your tips randomly.

2nd coat, again do it randomly :)

  use your glitter polish as a 'glue' for your Rhinestones. and again, put them randomly. If you don't want any rhinestones, you can leave it with glitters just like my pointy finger. →

After doing this, youre pretty much done! just finish it off with your favorite top coat
i'm using Revlons top coat
Don't forget to use 2 coats of your top coat to make sure that the Rhinestones are secure.

It's up to you how youre going to do this, I did this just to give you a little guide. :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


yep! I'm still here. :D

hello everyone in every country! :)

hope everyone is doing good ^___^

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Where do I shop: SASA and Cosmetic Love ♥

SASA and Cosmetic Love

On this post i'm going to review/my thoughts on my 2 FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP ONLINE. 

Sasa and Cosmetic love are my favorite sites for browsing and buying my Skin care and Cosmetic Products.

About Cosmetic Love: Korea 
Cosmetic Love strive to provide our customers with the wide range of Korean cosmetic products from various Korea brands such as Laneige, Etude House, Tony Moly, Missha, Skinfood, TheFaceShop etc, and we are planning to exapnd our line-up of other beauty brands as well. All products are 100% GENUINE and recently produced as we purchase direct from the Korean retail shop and manufacturer.

About Sasa: Hong Kong
Sa Sa International Holdings Limited ("Sa Sa" or "the Group") is a leading cosmetics retailing group in Asia. Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the Stock Exchange) in 1997 (Stock Code: 178). Its over 250 retail stores and counters in Asia selling over 600 brands of skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care, body care products, health and beauty supplements including own-brands and exclusive products. The Group employs over 4,600 staff in six markets across the region, covering Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.


As for products, SASA has more wider range of products and more popular compared to Cosmetic Love.(Cosmetic Love/2012 a newer site; when Sasa/2000)

Customer Service:
Both good! and thumbs up! :)

I find that some of the products from Cosmetic Love is much more cheaper than Sasa.

Sasathey always have offer and changes everytime. I like that idea. sometimes they include free shipping too!* :)
Cosmetic Love - they give free gift/samples for every order/combined shipping gifts. Freebies and free tracking number will be provided with multiple quantities of purchase. 

both ship worldwide

Sasa - Probably because they ship from Hong Kong, they take about 3-4 weeks before they get here.
Standard Shipping: £11.50. btw, I don't know if its just me or everyone else in UK, there's a fee/Custom charge to pay. I know its not Sasa's fault but.. uggh. even though I only order when they have promotion of free shipping, I still feel like im paying. T__T 

Cosmetic Love - Free Shipping! 1-2 weeks but normally no more than 2 weeks. greeeeat! love it!


I like Sasa because of wide selection of products. what I don't like is that my orders take very long to get here. Sasa has my favorite products and they sell deluxe sizes too! love love love it!

vice versa

I like Cosmetic Love because of free shipping and my order don't take a long time to arrive and they give free samples too. what I don't like is they dont have a very wide range of products compared to sasa. I love the fact that products from Cosmetic Love is more cheaper than other sites. 



there you go! my two favorite sites of all time :) 

thanks for reading and have a nice day! 
If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Blog #8: Finding a Job is so hard :(

I want to give up. I dont know if I should make this post public or what.
after a few days or weeks, I may read this post again and laugh at myself.
but for now.... this is how I feel. I want to cry my eyes out :(.

I just had an interview with this company and the only company I want to work for.
this may sound embarassing but here it goes..
It was a panel interview which means theres more people interviewing you when usually theres only one.
I was so nervous that my hands were shaking and couldnt speak........ and when the interview was
over, my tears just started falling.. It was so embarassing. I tried to calm myself down and keep telling myself that I should stop. I didn't know why I was crying.. maybe because I couldnt speak? I couldnt answer the questions flawlessly as I planned? at that moment, I wanted to go out and cry myself to sleep out of embarrasment.

After the interview, they tested me and asked to do a little task with some papers and left me alone in an empty room, I was sitting beside the window and it was raining.. I didn't brought an umbrella with me and told my self... shit...

Inside that room, I was telling my self, 'why?? why cry??'
I knew that I screwed it up and never going to get this job anyways and just wanted to finish this papers as soon as I can and just walk out..

after a 30 mins or so, finally... (it was still raining)
and i'm out.. getting out of there feels like forever..
time to cry my eyes out... and nothing came out. huh?

walking home, I called my boyfriend..
and started crying after him picking up..
didn't really help to make me feel better T__T
walking down halfway, while crying, the rain became heavier.. I was soaking wet and felt crap.
got by the door.. and the rain stopped. thinking.. why me?? :( :( :(

and now making myself feel better by watching variety shows.
typing this.... and hungry....  honestly im not sure why im writing this. but.. sigh..
fine. I won't give up get myself together.. get some food.. and have a good laugh 
and i'll be fine.. (hopefully). I want to say more but im gonna stop now.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

• Etude House •
Drawing Eye Brow #4 Dark Grey


Price: $5.19


Refill: I like the fact that you can buy a refill for this for much more cheaper price. buttttt. I dont know if its just mine, but the twist part, second time using it, it broke T_T. 

Spoolie Brush: It also has a spoolie brush to blend and brush the hair in place (quite slanted so its good) , I personally don't use this because I use my brow gel. but good for those who likes it. :) 

Pencil: the pencil is slanted and perfect to do a thick or fine line.

Pigmintation:  It isn't as pigmented as I wanted it to be at first, but it's actually good because it's not as harsh when you use it, it gives a natural look to it. the lasting power is also good :)

♥ Gives a Natural look
♥ Creamy
♥ Comes with 6 shades
♥ Has a spoolie 
♥ Refills
♥ Slim Packaging 
 ♥ Good staying power                              

♥ Small Product
♥ No good Packaging
♥ Some may find this as 'not pigminted'

I'm not sure whether to buy again just because I want a more pigmented one. this brow pencil is good but not good enough to replace my other one :)

=    (3 Stars)

Hopefully this was a quite informative to you :)
Thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Review: Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer

• Etude House •
Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash

Included in my Cosmetic Love Haul:


without mascara/etude house primer

Left: with Etude House Primer     Right: added a coat of mascara

Left: without Primer-with 1 coat of mascara  Right: with primer and 1 coat of mascara

♥ As you can see it does lengthen my lashes more with the primer.
♥ Although it did clump a bit. im not sure weather the reason why is I waited for it to set for 3 mins and then applied the mascara.

I'll update this post if the result/ it wont clump if I apply the mascara after a good minute.☺

Left: without primer and 2 coats of mascara  Right: with primer and 1 coat of mascara

• Now here's the reason why I wont buy this again •
♥ On my left lashes I have two coats of mascara without the primer
as you can see, It is more 'prettier' than the right one.
♥ I didnt use two coats of mascara on the right because as I said, it was already clumped, and
I don't want it to be more clumpier(?) >_<

Now, please keep in mind that the result may be different depending on what mascara you use.
curious what mascara I used? yes, It is my current favorite mascara at the moment.
I'll do a separate post about that and a review for it. :)


Price: 6ml ~ $8.09

Packaging: Cute Pink Squeezy tube.

Smell: No smell.

Texture/Consistency: White colour, More watery than a regular mascara.

Suitable for: Everyone!

Holds my curls
Doenst make any mascara smudge
Makes your mascara more neat and lengthened
Reasonable Price

Hard to take off - tip: Oil-based makeup remover will help
Small quantity - specially your an everyday mascara user
clumps if you set it for too long before mascara

This Primer works perfect with a volumiser mascara since this will act as a lengthener.
Great product but not a must have unless your eyelashes definitely needs 
will I buy this again? no. :)

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps!
 =   (4 Stars)