Sunday, 9 September 2012

Review: Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer

• Etude House •
Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash

Included in my Cosmetic Love Haul:


without mascara/etude house primer

Left: with Etude House Primer     Right: added a coat of mascara

Left: without Primer-with 1 coat of mascara  Right: with primer and 1 coat of mascara

♥ As you can see it does lengthen my lashes more with the primer.
♥ Although it did clump a bit. im not sure weather the reason why is I waited for it to set for 3 mins and then applied the mascara.

I'll update this post if the result/ it wont clump if I apply the mascara after a good minute.☺

Left: without primer and 2 coats of mascara  Right: with primer and 1 coat of mascara

• Now here's the reason why I wont buy this again •
♥ On my left lashes I have two coats of mascara without the primer
as you can see, It is more 'prettier' than the right one.
♥ I didnt use two coats of mascara on the right because as I said, it was already clumped, and
I don't want it to be more clumpier(?) >_<

Now, please keep in mind that the result may be different depending on what mascara you use.
curious what mascara I used? yes, It is my current favorite mascara at the moment.
I'll do a separate post about that and a review for it. :)


Price: 6ml ~ $8.09

Packaging: Cute Pink Squeezy tube.

Smell: No smell.

Texture/Consistency: White colour, More watery than a regular mascara.

Suitable for: Everyone!

Holds my curls
Doenst make any mascara smudge
Makes your mascara more neat and lengthened
Reasonable Price

Hard to take off - tip: Oil-based makeup remover will help
Small quantity - specially your an everyday mascara user
clumps if you set it for too long before mascara

This Primer works perfect with a volumiser mascara since this will act as a lengthener.
Great product but not a must have unless your eyelashes definitely needs 
will I buy this again? no. :)

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps!
 =   (4 Stars)