Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Essence

Hyaluronic Acid Essence

I was looking for a good Serum since I've used up my previous favorite Serum from Caudalie.
Review for Caudalie Vinosourse Serum if interested:

It was expensive and I can't push myself to buy it.
buuut I found this Juju Serum from sasa while just browsing around on their site.
Here's my Haul from them if interested:

The reviews from this serum was so tempting that I couldn't help myself and ended up buying it.
I have used this for a few weeks and I really wanted to review this the first time I used it.
but what I did is to wait a little bit more just to see whether my opinion would change; (might make me break out or something..)


Price: 30ml ~ $20.10


Packaging: From what I saw from SASA's site, thought it was in a plastic bottle. It's actually in a glass bottle with a plastic pump. btw, one pump is just the perfect amount for my whole face.

Smell: No smell.

Texture/Consistency: white colour, gel-type and very smooth. sooo gentle to skin!

Suitable for: Says on the site that it's suitable for all skin types :)


100% Sodium Hyaluronic ~ to protect and moisturize the skin, penetrates to deep layer of skin and repair the wrinkles and dryness also improves the texture of skin, leaves the skin soft and bright. Mild Acidity formula. 
No Fragrance
No Colouring
No Mineral Oil
No Animal Origin Added 


This stuff is amaaaaaziiiiiiiiingggggg! see that? 
Soooo sooo much better than any serums that I have tried. I LOVE this

first thing, this spreads on my skin like water-soft-verrry soft water gel thing.
second it will become sticky but for just less than a minute and dries. 
and finally when it dries, my skin feels baby soft. I was so amazed by this. I didn't know this
kind of serum would exsist. 
and for the price? getting this amazing-ness? beats the higher brand.
This serum is actually for night time but I use this in the morning too.


  =   (5 Stars)

Thanks for reading!

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