Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Review: Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

Clean & Clear

I remember being inlove with this Cleanser when I was a teen. 14? 15?
don't know why I switched or used something else, maybe I wanted something new?

I posted the Cleanser that I have been using for years.
Here's a post that I posted if you want to know more about it:

Here's a little story (skip this part if you want :D):
as I was saying... 
......so I was looking around at Tesco's skin care/cosmetics section 
(I had this coupon that I wanted to spend, yes being a smart buyer like me)
and I saw this being on sale for £2.00. since I couldn't decide what to buy,
just thought, 'okay, might as well try this again'. (in Tagalog 'bahala na si Batman' lol i kid, i kid.)
(as I said, I was inlove with it's formula)
and so.. check out.. blah blah.

and here I am talking to myself while typing a review for you. :D


Price: I bought this on sale - £2.00 / rp. £3.15

Packaging: Plastic, Squeezy tube, for some reason I always break the cap. >_<

Smell: Fresh, light smell

Texture: Has small blue beads for exfoliation; not too creamy, not too watery, in the middle. oh, It's Oil-free too! :D

Suitable for: Normal ~ Dry ~ Oily. I not so sure about people who has acne-prone or sensitive skin, because of the beads, this might be a little harsh for your skin so I don't quite recomend this.

Everytime I use this, my skin feels so soft smooth and clean! It really takes off the oil and dirt build up on my pores. My skin also doesn't feel as dry after using this. to me, this is just perfect for my skin (I have a Oily-Combination skin type btw if you are wondering.)
after years and years of looking for the perfect exfoliator for my skin, I never thought I'd come back to this. I'm glad that I did. so happy! and again, I'm inlovee :).


  =   1/2   (4 1/2 Stars)

some may not like this, but I doooo.. hooo hooo ooo.. ♫ ♪