Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lancome Sourcils Eyebrow Gel and Rouge in Love Lipstick

Hi guys! 
So the other day I went to Boots and bought some goodies! They have the promotion when you buy two products you get a free gift! I was there for good 30 mins deciding which lipstick I get, in the end, I went for the gel, typical haha.

The next photo shows the free gift, amazeballz! 
The Blush was pretty good and pigmented
The Lipgloss is pretty and wearable for everyday
and the mascara, visionnaire and genifique are pretty popular, that's my excuse for buying! haha
(1st pic)This is how the Lipstick looks like worn, how pretty is that! <3 I've been wanting to buy the this looong time ago, It is in the higher end and it was freakin expensive. 

(2nd pic)It claims to stay for 6 hours and I must say, It wasn't as pigminted as I first applied but this is when after eating, drinking etc, there's still colour in my lips, this is without reapplying by the way.

Price: £22.00
Colour: Rose Me, Rose Me Not! 375N
Claiming: High Potency Color
6h Wear

So Pretty! even the packaging <3


As for the Sourcils Gel, I believe this came out just recently. I love doing my brows, without it.... I can't... Anyways, I've never used eyebrow gel before I love my pencils don't get me wrong but I've always wanted to try it so yay! (another excuse haha)

Surprisingly, The all the colors from this line aside from the darkest one, they have shimmer in them, I was hesitant at first thinking why the heck would they make your eyebrows glittery?! I couldn't decide at first which one to get either the 03 or 04 so I tried the colors on each side of my brow. Its actually not noticeable at all and it glided smoothly! immediately I was hooked and picked the lighter one 03.

Price: £19.50
Colour: Taupe 03
It claims to be waterproof but im not sure about that yet.

This isn't a full review but sharing my first impressions to you all :) 
Thank you guys!
*****feel free to enlarge pic by clicking them.