Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Bling Bling iPhone Case - Cute

My cute iPhone Case Cover! talk about bling blinggg!! 
So I was looking for this type of iPhone case for soooo long.
It was so cheap so I thought why not?
I thought it was gonna be one of those cheap/crap made thing; but it wasn't.
it was actually well made. which made me wanna buy another one! haha.
I haven't recieved it yet but heres a link:

It's made out of hard plastic case covered with rhinestones, pearls and those little cute flowers.
I've had this for a week now and fortunately, nothing has fell off yet. 

I bought this on Ebay for $5.98 -
I'm not sure if it's still available though.
visit his store! theres a lot to choose from!