Monday, 14 May 2012

Maybelline Forever Strong Nailpolish - My Thoughts

I've been looking for a great taupe nail colour. I was originally gonna buy Barry M's - Mushroom  and thought since I dont have any nailpolish with Maybelline yet; no harm trying this one..

   Maybellines Forever Strong Nailpolish - 788 Rosy Sand
   It has Calcium, Iron and Silica and claims to last up to 7 days.

777 Rosy Sand

Maybelline Nailpolish

After 7 days of wearing the polish.. 

Overall Rating - ♥ 
 *love the colour, texture, brush applicator, very smooth and the lasting power is quite good actually! you do need to put on two coats of this. 
 BUT!!!!!!!! this nailpolish stained my nails! As I said, this is my first time trying out Maybellines Nailpolish. My Barry Ms doesnt stain my nails and this is the first time. and I dont like it. :(

  *still wanting to look and try other taupe nailpolishes. any suggestions? :)