Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Nails #3: Glittery French Tip

Glittery French Tip ♥

so this is the one I wore on my nails on my friend's wedding :)
some pictures from the wedding!♥ ~

I originally wanted a french tip but then I thought its too plain..
so I played with it a little bit.. ;)

First, Make a french tip :)

Using your top coat as a glue, place the Rhinestones on and put as many as you want, play with it!
I used a bigger one on my ring finger. :)
(Rhinestones - Ebay!)

Add a glittered polish on top
wait to dry 
and lastly, put your top coat to finish. ♥

Ofcourse you could use any colours that matches your glitters!
cute right?

Thanks for reading and have a nice nail day! :P