Friday, 17 August 2012

Blog #5: SASA - Damaged Items

I'm so dissapointed :(
I just got my order today; 15 mins ago.
Theres one product that was open and it spilled all over the place :(
all other items are soaked :(

I just contacted them and im waiting for their reply.
please don't tell me they will just ignore and tell me they can't do anything about it!
gosh. It's not like I payed $5 for these :(.
so upset right now.

I'll be able to tell how they handle these kind of situations in a few days.
I'll update this post for information.

22.08.12 - 8:28pm
They e-mailed me today saying
to help them investigate, take photos showing the defects and they'll inform me 
accordingly (maybe again after a few days?). Good thing I took photos right after opening the package.

Now I'm waiting for their reply on what to do next.

23.08.12 - 12:30pm
They apologized and decided to refund the damaged item; couldn't be more happier :)
yay. lovin SASA <3

Criselda. ♥