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Skin Care Tips: Cleansing

Skin Care Tips: Cleansing

Dry Skin - Cream Cleansers are best. They Remove dirt but won't strip your face from essencial oils.
Oly Skin - Gel type Cleansers works best for Oily Skin. Because they absorb excess oils without drying out your dry spots even more.
Combination Skin - Look for Gentle and Water-Soluble Cleansers and what suits you best.
Sensitive/Acne-prone Skin - Foam Cleansers best because their gentle enough to wash your skin without irritating it.
Normal Skin - Use Cleanser that Suits your skin best! :)

Cleanser I use atm (Oat Cleanser): 

Regardless of texture, It always MUST be GENTLE!
It is IMPORTANT to get rid of the wastes in your pores. Not removing these will cause pimples and break-outs that we hate so cleansing your face is one of the keys for obtaining a clear skin.


1. Washing your face
Use warm water to wet your face: warm water will open your pores and will help your cleanser clean your pores more effectively :) (everyone should know this.)

2. Don't Rub
Don't rub your face T__T do it gently and with love ofcourse! I know rubbing your face sometimes makes it faster to clean and take your make up off but doing this will make your skin sag. worst, premature wrinkles. 

3. Instead..
Use upward motion and wash your face gently. Foam Cleansers are example of gentle cleansers - again, good for people who has acne prone skin. :)
(BTW, Before putting your cleanser, rub your hands together til it foams up. that way its more gentle than putting it on your face right away.)

4. Rinsing
Use Cold water: by doing this, you're closing your pores. locking it from, dirt and bacteria avoiding break outs. :)

5. Pat your skin dry
Don't use your body towel to wipe off the water: Patting your face gently will make your skin absorb the water and add that extra moisture on your face - one of the things I definitely dont skip.
If you dont want to do that, use a paper towel instead: Its more cleaner than your towel! trust me! do your research! :D


Double Cleansing - After using makeup

I use the double cleansing step everytime I wash my face having makeup all day.
even if I just used BB Cream, I'd still use this method.
Double cleansing will ensure that your skin is thoroughly clean.

How I do this:
I first do how I would normally wash my face (exfoliators) - this first step is only washing off the makeup not your skin.
second, I wash my face with foam wash - for the second time, use a more gentle cleanser rather than repeating the first step. repeating will do harm on your skin so remember to always be gentle. :) ♥

424 Washing Routine

4 minutes ~ Remove makeup with Cleansing Oil
2 minutes ~ Massaging your face with Foam Cleanser
4 minutes ~ Thoroughly washing with water

I learned this Trick from Suzy (Miss A) She's so pretty I love her! 

Cleanser I use atm (Oat Cleanser):


There you go! these are some of my tips for cleansing my face.
not an expert, just sharing what I do. :)

Thanks for reading! 
Hope this helped some of you
Feel free to ask me any questions ♥

Much Love,