Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Review: Cettua Silky and Clear Nose Strip & How to use Nose Strip

 Cettua Silky & Clear Nose Strip with Hazel 

(korean brand)

$2.40 ~ £1.50

Comes with a pack of 6. 

How to use:

1. Wash your face and thoroughly wet the nose area.
2. Apply Strip to nose with the smooth side down, pressing down to ensure good contact with skin.
3. Let it dry for 15-20mins.
4. Strip should feel stiff as it dries.
5. After the strip is dried, carefully peel off the strip starting at edges, pulling toward center.

my lovely nose :D
(ew, i know.)

first thing I noticed, it didn't fit on my nose nicely :(
my nose is on the average side btw. :D

so after about 15 mins, I took it off. 
It dried for the first 5 mins still I waited 10 mins more.

As you can see there will be residue after taking it off.
so wash it off with cold water.
(cold water to close your pores)
(still ew, i know.)


It is cheap. But not worth the money. I tried this because of the reviews i've read.
Kind of dissapointted. 
The camera isn't picking it up but it was still there.
I love nose strips but not this one.

'will never buy this again.'
'I do not recommend this to anyone.'

(1 star)
*based on my experience. these are just my opinion.
this may work for you but definitely not on me.

Hope you find this helpful guys. :)

Criselda ♥