Tuesday, 24 July 2012

GLOSSYBOX: July 2012

Looking for reviews for Glossybox July 2012?
Still waiting? well.. here it is! :)
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these are just my opinion guys. :)

The usual Glossybox Box :)

The usual 'whats inside the box' paper. :)

Anddd here it is :) 


Londoner Urban Fragrance
♥ Thanks to glossybox I have sooo many sample fragrance just like this. wonder if they would really give us the full size next time.
♥  Not really fond of the smell it has a musk-y smell. all I can say. :D
♥ goshh. the full size is expensive! £81.00/100ml

Awapuhi Moisture Mist 100ml
♥ It says you could use it for your hair & skin to give moisture and helps you feel refreshed all day long.
♥ well.. I dont use anything or any brand that I dont know and just slap it on my face. no way. so I just tried it on my hair. 
♥ and I thinkk... it was okay(?) the smell.. well there was no smell or anything. 
♥ the consistency is water/watery like. no gel no oil.
♥ did it soften/smooth the hair? no.
guess it just hydrates. nothing else. guess thats why they call it moisture mist :D
♥ Price: £9.35/300ml

Lip Frosting 15ml
♥ Says that it is a multifunctional cream gloss that you can use it as a gloss for lips for a tint of colour or cheeks for a luminous glow.
♥ as you can see from the picture below I applied it on my hands first just to know what it will look like before applying it anywhere.
first I thought 'oooh pigmented' but after I blended it out fortunately I was like 'nvm' :D
♥ so it is sticky. but not too sticky.
tried it on my lips and didnt like it. didnt gave any moisture instead it just sits there.
♥ although the smeeeell is heavenly! love the smell.
♥ ohh and no way im applying it on my cheeks! 
♥ Price: £10.00/15ml - ooh I got the full size!

can you see, can you see? no?

Huile Prodigieuse (whatever that means. I think its a good thing. :)
♥ Again it says you can apply this dry oil to your face, body and hair. and again, no im not putting this on my face T_T
♥ Its all written in french. (cant read french. sorry :D)
♥ It says that it nourishes, repairs and softens! - what I definitely need for my hair! guess thats good! 
♥ oooh the smell is heavenly aswell!
♥ the consistency is not thick. its a dry oil so I guess thats why its watery like :)
♥ I love using oils for my hair; this is good! :)
♥ Price: £17.50/50ml

Night Renewal Complex 20ml
♥ It claims that it has a rich complex of actives to help smooth and firm the skin whilst you sleep.
♥ This is the second Monu product that I have and both came from Glossybox. 1st one was a Day Cream and I thought it was okay.
♥ I definitely needed to change my moisturizer at night and this is good.
♥ as for consistency, just like the day cream one. it is thick but once you work it on the skin, its vey smooth and easy to apply. It absorbs into the skin very well shown below.
♥ the smell is again just like the other Monu I have. Light smell; good for those who doesnt like strong smell with their products.
♥ I have yet to try this so thats all for now.
♥ Price: £36.95/50ml


There you go!

one more thing. Glossybox is so nice to give a BONUS PRODUCT! yay!
Elizabeth Arden's Visible Skin Balancing line
♥ works to skin looking revitalized and healthy. 
♥ it has cleanser, serum and a balancing lotion SPF15 :D
and also if you bring the 'whats inside the box' paper to any Debenhams Elizabeth Arden counter you recieve a FREE DELUXE SAMPLE! niceee!
better get that tomorrow! :)

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