Monday, 1 April 2013

Etude House and Lioele Haul and Brief Review :)

* * *

 The fact that the toner/facial freshener and the essence has
90% Collagen, SOLLD! hehe..

 These products absorbs into my skin beautifully, no greasiness 
or anything..

 I often use the Cream or the Lotion for priming my face for 
foundation/BB Cream - 

 For the price, this is definitely great!

 I didn't see much difference on my face aside from it being 
smooth and supple / moisturised. 

 will I buy it again? YES. :)

 Btw, I recommend you guys buying it from Ebay, I got it for less than £4. :)


 I do not use lashes, I just wanted to play with it.. keke

 I heard good reviews with it and so I decided to try it.

 It actually has good quality including the glue that comes with it
(I say 'it' so much. sowee. lol)

 will I buy again? hmm.. depends. If I wanted more, then yes.. but for now,
as I said, I don't use False lashes. 
(why? 1st, It ruins your real lashes overtime, 2nd, Thank goodness for me having good mascara, 
3rd, Having natural lashes with any makeup I think is more prettier. :) plus its a pain putting and keeping it on. )


 My Favorite part.. Etude House's Lash Perm mascara

 Good for Lengthening and Volumizing lashes

 DOESN'T give you that panda eyes..

Doesn't clump after 2 coats

Holds and keeps the curls

 and the BEST thing, VERY EASY TO REMOVE. just wash with warm 
water and comes right off.
(I just hate having to remove stubborn mascaras, It ruins my lashes,
 have to rub my eyes that causes wrinkles, till it comes off.. just no.) 

 will I buy again? YES YES YES. I bought this while I was in Philippines 
and I think it cost me 800+ Pesos = about $10?? I think.. hehe about that much.


 I needed a pencil that I could use for my inner corners 
and my first choice was this :)

 It's okay.. It's a little dry that it kinda pulls my skin when I apply it. 
(and I didn't like that.)

 I love the colour though.

 This line has a lot of colour selections.

 Will I buy this again? maybe not. 
(I found an alternative to it which
I have expectations on - Holika Holika Glitter Liners. :)


 Love the Packaging :)

 Love the Applicator

 Love the Texture - not sticky

 Love the Smell

Lasting power is okay

 Lots of colours to choose from


 Buy again? Yes. :) about... $7-$8 depending where you buy it.


 Love the colours

 I like the fact that although its a cream blush, it feels and sets as a powder.

 smooth and easy to apply

 Not much for pigmentation and lasting power though

 Reasonably Priced.. $5-$6 again, depending where you buy it from.


Gosh, I'm hungry!.. Byes!
oh and Click the Photos to enlarge :)